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Ultrasonic cell disruption principle and precautions

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Ultrasonic cell disruption principle and precautions

Principle of ultrasonic cell breaker

Through the cavitation of the aqueous medium, the cells and other structures that are not very tight are broken and separated. Good effect and high efficiency.

Ultrasonic cell crusher use

Ultrasonic cell disruptor is a versatile, versatile instrument that uses ultrasonic waves to create cavitation effects in liquids. It can be used for the crushing of various animal and plant viruses, cell bacteria and tissues. Ultrasonic cell disruption instrument can also be used for emulsification separation, homogenization extraction, clear defoaming, preparation of nanomaterials, dispersion and accelerated chemical reaction. The first European ultrasonic cell disruptor is widely used in biology, microbiology, physics, zoology, agronomy, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, sewage treatment, nanomaterials and other fields.

Ultrasonic cell disruption method

Put the material you want to break into the beaker, put the probe of the ultrasonic cell crusher into the material, and turn on the power setting time. One is the time of vibration and the other is intermittent time. Note that a large amount of heat is generated during the crushing process, and generally it is broken under an ice bath.

Ultrasonic liquid process

Ultrasonic cell disruptor use precautions

1. The end of the probe is 10-15mm away from the liquid surface.

2. The container for the sample is a glass container, not for other containers;

3. The ultrasonic cell crusher probe cannot touch the container wall and the bottom;

4. The sample must be in the aqueous phase rather than the organic phase;

5. When using the ultrasonic probe of the ultrasonic cell disruptor, the amplitude adjustment should not exceed 70%, otherwise the probe will be damaged.



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