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The principle and application prospect of ultrasonic transducer

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The principle and application prospect of ultrasonic transducer


With the improvement of industrial automation worldwide,there are more and more complex applications.At the same time,there are more and more requirements on the function of sensors.In the context, the different types and principles of the sensor also emerged.The ultrasonic transducer is one of them.


70Khz High Frequency Ultrasonic Transducer

1. The principle of ultrasonic transducer

   The ultrasonic transducer is made of ultrasonic characteristics.It is a sensor that converts ultrasonic signals into other energy signals.The ultrasonic wave is a mechanical wave whose vibration frequency is higher than 20kHz.It is caused by the energy transfer chip vibrating under the excitation of voltage.It has the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength and small diffraction phenomenon.It has good direction and can travel directionally.When the ultrasonic wave meets the impurity or boundary surface, it will produce a significant reflection and form a reflection echo.

Ultrasonic Sensor 35kHZ Transducer

 Therefore, ultrasonic testing is widely used in industry, national defense, biomedicine and other aspects.As a means of testing, there must be ultrasonic generation and ultrasonic reception.The functional device is accomplished by the ultrasonic sensor.It is usually called the ultrasonic transducer.And it is also called the ultrasonic probe.

 The ultrasonic  probe is mainly composed of piezoelectric wafers.It can transmit or receive ultrasonic waves.Its core is a piezoelectric wafer inside its plastic or metal jacket.

70Khz Ultrasonic Probe


2.The advantages of ultrasonic transducer

  The ultrasonic sensors and photoelectric sensors can be substituted for each other in some applications.However, it's really a complementary relationship at most of the time.

The advantages of ultrasonic transducer:

Ø It can get around small obstacles

Ø It can measure where the liquid is

Ø It can measure transparent objects

Ø It's not affected by the color of the surface.

Ø It can be used in oily environments.


3.The application prospect of ultrasonic transducer

  With the rapid development of science and technology, ultrasonic will be more and more widely used in sensors.It is the key technology that penetrates each technology and application domain.The sensor is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.The sensor technology has made rapid progress.It needs joint efforts of relevant departments of research, production and application in various countries.

  The ultrasonic transducer is a new and more useful tool.Look forward to the future,there will be great room for development in all aspects.It will be developed in the direction of higher positioning accuracy.And it will meet the growing needs of society.There is no doubt that the future ultrasonic sensors will be integrated with intelligent automation.It will integrate and fuse with other sensors to form multiple sensors.




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