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Principle and application of ultrasonic extraction

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Principle of ultrasonic extraction

Ultrasonic extraction refers to electromagnetic waves with a frequency of about 20 kHz to 50 MHz. It is a mechanical wave that requires an energy carrier-medium to propagate. Ultrasonic has a positive and negative pressure alternating cycle during the transmission process. In the positive phase, the medium molecules are squeezed to increase the original density of the medium; in the negative phase, the medium molecules are sparse and discrete, and the medium density is reduced. That is to say, the ultrasonic wave does not cause polarization of the molecules in the sample, but generates acoustic wave cavitation between the solvent and the sample, resulting in the formation, growth and blasting of the bubbles in the solution, thereby dispersing and increasing the solid sample. The contact area between the sample and the extraction solvent increases the mass transfer rate of the target from the solid phase to the liquid phase.


Ultrasonic extraction has the following outstanding features:

(1) Compared with conventional extraction methods, ultrasonic extraction technology has high extraction efficiency and short extraction time;

(2) Ultrasonic extraction is not easily limited by the use of solvents, allowing the addition of a co-extractant to further increase the polarity of the liquid phase and improve the extraction efficiency.rate;

(3) Compared with supercritical CO2 extraction and ultrahigh pressure extraction, the ultrasonic extraction equipment is simple and the extraction cost is low;

(4) In most cases, the ultrasonic extraction operation steps are few, the extraction process is simple, the extraction is not easy to be contaminated, and the extraction temperature is low, suitable Extraction of thermal target components


Ultrasonic extraction has the following outstanding advantages

Ultrasonic-assisted extraction is fast, inexpensive, and efficient compared to conventional extraction techniques.Ultrasonic extraction Compared with the boiled and alcoholic precipitation process, ultrasonic extraction has the following outstanding advantages:

(1) No need for high temperature

(2) Atmospheric pressure extraction, good safety, easy operation, easy maintenance

(3) High extraction efficiency

(4) It has broad spectrum. Wide applicability, most of the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine can be ultrasonically extracted

(5) Ultrasonic extraction has little relationship between the solvent and the target extract

(6) Reduce energy consumption

(7) The raw material of the medicinal materials is processed in large quantities, which is multiplied or multiplied, and the impurities are small, and the active ingredients are easy to be separated and purified.

(8) Low extraction process cost and significant comprehensive economic benefits



Application in nicotine extraction

Application in the extraction of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides

Application in lycopene extraction

Application of Total Flavonoids Extraction in Lotus Root

Application in grease leaching

Application in protein extraction

Application in polysaccharide extraction

Application in food analysis





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