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Portable ultrasonic auto acoustic panels spot welding machine welding principle

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Portable ultrasonic auto acoustic panels spot welding machine welding principle


 The 900W ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine converts 28KHZ high-frequency electric energy into mechanical vibration energy by ultrasonic transducer, and then transmits it to the welding head through the variable amplitude adjusting device. The welding head directly transmits the mechanical vibration energy to the product to be pressed. An acoustic device. When the welding head is in contact with the plastic workpiece, the vibration friction generates heat energy. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of the welding workpiece, the heat dissipation is relatively slow, and the heat energy concentrates on the part to melt the workpiece. The workpiece molecules will move into the gap between the welding head and the workpiece. When the vibration stops, the workpiece will be welded. Rapid cooling and solidification to achieve the fusion effect. The entire cycle is usually completed in less than a second, and the weld strength is close to a piece of material. Can be used for welding, implanting, riveting, spot welding and cutting.

Straight shank car acoustic cotton ultrasonic spot welding machine welding characteristics

    ☆ Ultrasonic car door panel riveting point welding machine novel portable structure design and straight shank welding head, easy to operate and move;

    ☆ Ultrasonic car soundproof felt pad spot welding machine adopts American line and Japanese original NTK transducer, which is stronger than other brands in the market;

    ☆ Portable automobile plastic sound insulation board spot welding machine equipment important parts are developed brand products, stable and reliable;

    ☆ Multi-protection circuit for automobile sound insulation cotton board ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine, providing efficient welding method for enterprises and reducing production cost;

    ☆ Ultrasonic automobile noise board spot welding machine is the first in China to adopt time-controlled ultrasonic spot welding. The welding effect is more reliable and stable, and it is available in both portable and portable models.

Handheld auto acoustic panels  ultrasonic spot welding machine application field

    Straight shank ultrasonic soundproof cover spot welding machine is specially used for automobile sound insulation cotton, sound insulation board, soundproof cover, soundproof felt; suitable for spot welding and chain welding of PP, ABS, PMMA, PC, PE, PS, PA, PETG and other plastic materials. , pressure welding, riveting, cutting, welding and other processing; specific application: car door panel, printing belt connection, DV tape wheel, non-woven products, car mats, automotive interior panels, car bumpers, car manual files Sheath, automotive interior panel, TV casing, household appliance spot welding, car bumper, car dashboard, car felt pad, garment/shoes/accessories, point drill, plastic single-point welding screw, riveting, etc. At the same time, it can also be applied to plastic electronics, household appliances, automobile and motorcycle accessories, non-woven clothing, medical equipment and other industries.

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