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How to Discriminate the Fault of the Ultrasonic Oscillator

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How to Discriminate the Fault of the Ultrasonic Oscillator

Ultrasonic transducers are judged by the following methods:

1. The normal working resistance of the ultrasonic transducer is about: greater than or equal to 20M ohm, megaohmmeter test.

2. Measurement if open circuit is considered to be problematic.

3. Observe whether the transducer is blackened by arc ignition.

Ultrasonic vibrator is one of the most important parts of the ultrasonic equipment. The output of the ultrasonic energy is the ultrasonic vibrator. The vibrator can determine the stability of the whole machine. A good ultrasonic vibrator plays a very important role. So the maintenance and maintenance work in peacetime is also very important. Causes and solutions of acoustic oscillator faults:

1. Ultrasonic equipment must be placed in a dry place to avoid dampness of the ultrasonic vibrator, which will affect the normal work. If the ultrasonic vibrator is damp, it can be put into the oven to set about 100 C for drying for 2 hours or use electric hair dryer to remove dampness until the resistance value is normal.

2. In daily ultrasonic work, we must pay attention to the production that can't be loaded frequently. At the same time, many ultrasonic machine platforms have 180 degrees of rotation, and can't rotate 360 degrees, so it's easy to wind the vibrator wires together.

3. Ultrasonic vibrator degumming. Ultrasonic power output is normal after ultrasonic vibrator degumming. However, due to the poor connection between the vibrator and the vibration surface, the vibrator will be burnt down if working for a long time. Ultrasound vibrator degumming generally requires professional ultrasonic manufacturers to repair or replace.




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