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Ultrasonic cutter becomes a tool for cake cutting

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Ultrasonic cutters can cut a variety of foods such as cakes, pies, cheese, pizza, bread, and candy. The cut surface is clean and flat. When cutting foods like nuts or raisins with ultrasonic equipment, it can produce finer breakage than conventional cutting processes. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting food has more advantages than the traditional method: the cutting surface is clean and flat, the cutting knife has a longer service life, and more importantly, it can reduce the time of production stoppage due to cleaning and maintenance.

Ultrasound is a wave, how can it be used for cutting? In fact, it is not difficult to understand. The frequency of the ultrasound has exceeded the sound wave, and humans cannot hear this wavelength. However, the characteristic of the wave is that there is oscillation. We amplify this oscillation, so that the cutter made of special material also vibrates. Because this amplitude is small, the naked eye can not see it, but its vibration frequency is very high. It vibrates 20,000 times per second.

The cutter we use in our daily work reciprocates for about 0.5 seconds, but the reciprocating distance is very long, about 20cm, so that the product can be cut open. Ultrasonic cutting increases the reciprocating frequency and reduces the reciprocating distance. It also cuts the product. In the image, the ordinary knife is sawing bamboo with a saw, and the ultrasonic knife is the sword and bamboo. When cutting the product, the ultrasonic cutter will not stain the fines of the product on the knife, and will not damage the honeycomb structure of the product, and will not stick to the cream or sugar. As you can see from the video, the cutting speed is very fast and high speed cutting is possible.


The ultrasonic cutting system can reduce the production time by 70%~90% compared with the traditional equipment due to the routine cleaning and maintenance. Customers who use traditional cutting equipment can only make small changes to existing equipment if they want to use the ultrasonic process to process food, or introduce new system designs based on existing production designs. In this regard, we have very rich experience.

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