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Ultrasonic Atomization Spraying and Coating

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Ultrasonic Atomization Spraying and Coating

The ultrasonic spray system, also known as an ultrasonic atomizer or an ultrasonic spray nozzle, produces Gao Zhendang and produces extremely fine droplets. This is also known as "dry fog" (water mist particles larger than 2.5 microns and less than 10 microns). The advantage of ultrasonic atomization is that it can precisely control droplet size, spray intensity and spray speed. The industrial ultrasonic atomizer can be easily refitted into the existing production line to achieve high efficiency and stable atomization spraying. Ultrasonic spray drying is a very effective and friendly technology, which can achieve high flux. Because of its mildness, it is very effective for thermal sensitive materials. In addition, it improves the processing capacity, because it can make water-borne liquids and solvents evaporate faster.

Ultrasonic vibration can produce very thin droplets. In the process of ultrasonic spraying, the size and distribution of droplets can be precisely controlled, so that very small droplets can be evaporated. As a result, particles with high specific surface area were produced. Ultrasonic spraying and atomization is a successful technology, such as coating thin and light coatings with high performance and quality on substrates. Due to the precise control of all process parameters of ultrasonic atomization, excessive spraying can be avoided and the precise distribution of droplets can be realized. Another potential application is ultrasonic spray drying or freezing. Ultrasonic spraying technology is widely used in various industrial fields. The most common areas of ultrasonic spray coating are film coating and spray drying or freezing of particles.

Ultrasonic spraying is an industry-proven technology. It has been successfully applied in high performance film coating production line in the manufacturing process of semiconductor, precision devices, nanotechnology, fuel cells, solar cells and other precision electronic products. In the food industry, ultrasonic spraying is used to promote the spray freezing of powder, such as coffee, milk, whey and other powders.

Industry and Application

Liquid decomposition

Thin Film Coating for Electronic Products

High performance coatings (e.g. containing functionalized nanoparticles)

Antifogging coating

Add water to the air stream

Encapsulation of Active Agents in Drugs

Spray drying powders and particles, such as nanoparticles.

Particle Engineering

Food powder spray drying, such as thermal sensitive products.

Production of Semiconductor, Fuel Cell and Medical Equipment

Chemistry: e.g. gas-liquid reaction


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