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How to use Ultrasonic impact gun remove the welding stress

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How to use Ultrasonic impact gun  remove the welding stress

First, the composition of ultrasonic impact equipment

Ultrasonic impact treactment equipment is composed of ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic impact gun, ultrasonic impact needle.

Ultrasonic shock


Second, preparation before impact treatment

The surface to be treated should be kept clean to a certain extent before the ultrasonic shock treatment. If the surface is oily, dirty, or rust should be cleaned, you can use sanding or wire brush to remove impurities such as surface oxides and splash residues. If the surface to be treated is uneven, it is recommended that the surface be slightly polished to improve its shape to form a passage that allows the ultrasonic impact gun to move smoothly.

Third, the impact process

In general, ultrasonic shock treatment should be carried out according to the following steps to treat the weld toe as an example:

a) The impact is applied to the quasi-weld toe, ensuring that the width of the weld bead and the strand side are substantially the same, and the axis of the impact gun is substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the weld (the deviation does not exceed 10°. The angle of the impact gun depends on the weld) In most cases, the angle between the impact gun and the surface of the base metal is within 10°, and the impact needle repeatedly impacts back and forth on the coal toe in a certain range along the longitudinal direction of the weld.

b) A certain pressure can be applied to the impact gun to ensure a smooth impact process. Note If the impact gun's own weight can ensure that the impact process is stable and does not jump, the operator does not need to apply pressure, only need to hold the impact gun. The impact treatment speed V should be maintained at 300 mm/min to 1000 mm/min. For high-strength materials such as high-strength steel and titanium alloy, the impact treatment speed is as close as possible to the lower limit.

The parameter of ultrasonic impact gun for different material


Amplitude (μm)

Diameter (mm)

Aluminum alloy

10~ 30


Medium and low strength steel



High strength steel



Titanium alloy

30~ 50


Note: The specific material and structure of the ultrasonic impact treatment process parameters also include the number of treatment passes, the processing speed, the shape of the end of the impact needle, the application of pressure, etc., each process

The parameters interact with each other. To achieve a specific processing effect, the process parameters can be combined in many different arrangements. The impact needle diameter is the most important. In the case where the amplitude and the diameter of the impact needle are determined, the range of other process parameters is also roughly determined,

This table only lists the amplitude and the impact needle diameter . The amplitude and the impact needle diameter are determined by the user according to the processing requirements.

If the surface has a smoothness requirement, the amplitude should be small and the diameter  of the impact needle should be too large. If the plastic deformation layer is required to be as large as possible, the amplitude should be too large.

To establish specific process parameters, the user can refer to the following principles and determine by experiment: the higher the yield strength of the treated material, the amplitude.The diameter of the impact needle is reduced, the number of treatment passes is increased, the processing speed is slowed down, the radius of the end of the impact needle is decreased, and the applied pressure is increased. Generally only need to change several parameters can be adapted to the processing requirements of different materials.

Ultrasonic impact treatment



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