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How the new experimental-grade ultrasonic extraction equipment works?

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How the new experimental-grade ultrasonic extraction equipment works?


Ultrasound acts as a well-controlled means of cell disintegration, for which the mechanical effect of ultrasound provides faster, more complete solvent penetration of the cellular material and improved transfer quality. Ultrasound can penetrate better into plant tissue and improve mass transfer. Ultrasound creates cavitation that disrupts cell walls and promotes the release of matrix components.

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Principle of ultrasonic extractor

Ultrasound is an effective means to destroy cell structure. This effect can be used to extract substances within cells. For example, starch is extracted from the cell matrix. Ultrasound creates alternating high and low pressures in the exposed liquid. During the low-pressure cycle, the ultrasonic wave generates small vacuum bubbles in the liquid, and the vacuum bubbles are violently ruptured during the high-pressure cycle, which is called cavitation. The implosion of cavitation bubbles causes strong hydrodynamic shear forces. Shear forces can break fibers, fibrous materials into cell particles and disrupt the structure of cell walls. This releases substances inside the cells, such as starch and sugars, into the fluid. In addition to this, the cell wall material is broken into small fragments. Depending on the ultrasound parameters used, ultrasound can have a destructive or constructive effect on cells, depending on the ultrasound parameters used.

Advantages of ultrasonic extraction

1. Compared with conventional extraction methods, ultrasonic extraction technology has high extraction efficiency and short extraction time.

2. Ultrasonic extraction is not easily limited by the use of solvents, and it is allowed to add a co-extractant to further increase the polarity of the liquid phase and improve the extraction efficiency.

3. Compared with supercritical CO2 extraction and ultra-high pressure extraction, ultrasonic extraction equipment is simple and the extraction cost is low.

4. Compared with boiling and alcohol precipitation, ultrasonic extraction requires no high temperature, normal pressure extraction, good safety, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has a broad spectrum and wide applicability, and most of the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines can be extracted by ultrasonic.

5. In most cases, the ultrasonic extraction has few operation steps, the extraction process is simple, it is not easy to cause pollution to the extract, and the extraction temperature is low, which is suitable for the extraction of heat-sensitive target components.

6. The extraction process has low cost and significant comprehensive economic benefits.




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