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Cannabisdiol extraction technology

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Cannabisdiol extraction technology

At present, the main methods for extracting active ingredients (usually organic compounds) from plants include steam distillation, pressing and extraction.

Among them, the distillation method is suitable for substances with strong volatility, and the pressing method is suitable for extraction of eschar materials which are liquid at normal temperature. Since the CBD has a boiling point of more than 400 degrees at normal temperature and pressure and is insoluble in water, the extraction method is the most suitable extraction method.

After reviewing the current CBD extraction methods, we can summarize the CBD enrichment/extraction process into the following process, which is divided into four parts, including pre-treatment steps such as pulverization and drying, extraction steps, and concentration after extraction. A chromatographic purification step and a post-treatment step for the purified sample. Among them, extraction and purification are key steps.


The reflux extraction is carried out by heating and distilling the leachate, distilling it and then condensing it, and then refluxing it back into the leacher to continue the extraction process. Although the extraction efficiency is improved, the continuous heating may cause the CBD. damage.

Ultrasonic extraction is a method that uses ultrasonic mechanical effects, cavitation effects, and thermal effects to improve extraction efficiency. Ultrasonic extraction can be carried out at a lower temperature, and the extraction speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the solvent usage is small, which has certain advantages to others.

The traditional carbon dioxide supercritical extraction uses pure carbon dioxide gas to reach a critical state under a certain temperature and pressure, showing the characteristics of the fluid and extracting the material.

However, in practice, in order to improve the extraction efficiency, a mixed solvent, called an entrainer, is usually added to the superfluid, which is the main directio

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